They Say Four Eyes Are Better Then Two

Welcome to the wonderful world of improving and/or protecting your vision. Glasses are used for many things. Obviously the first one is to improve your eye sight. Another is to protect them against the harsh sun when you are out and about walking, skiing or I don’t know, biking. All in all there are so many uses for them that we have decided to write a little bit about them and let you know that there are people out there that you can buy glasses from that give you an excellent product and great prices.

Lets Start with Blue Light

First. What is it?

Blue light is our name for a visible light spectrum that exists in the range from 420 to 480 nm—which means that it’s very near on the light spectrum to the invisible ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by the sun. Blue light is a short wavelength, high-intensity light that can be both harmful and beneficial.

When you absorb blue light it acts to suppress melatonin. Melatonin is the natural hormone that tells you to et sleepy. Great during the day but can suck for those who like to do computer things at night. This can disrupt your sleep/awake cycle. So we can make some suggestions for those who want to stay up and work, play or read and still not have your system get messed up.

These shades have special lenses which help block out the blue light that’s emitted by TVs, smartphones, computer monitors, and other electronic devices. They also help block these same rays from fluorescent and LED lighting.”
Full Custom Blue Light

I Just Want to Look Cool

Yes, there are those who do not need glasses for daily function. They just want to look very cool and awesome. Who can’t respect that right? Like most people it can be hard to find the right pair of glasses for your face. Luckily we have some pretty cool suggestions.

On a cool, crisp morning when the sun is just beginning to peak out, which sunglasses do you reach for to block out the rays and keep your run on course? A pair of Knockaround Premiums Sport, naturally. Mint rubber nose pads on navy frames keep your shades from slipping and sliding so you can focus on getting in the zone. Ultra lightweight and super durable, these shades are the only companions you need when the miles stretch out in front of you.
You don’t need a car to live life in the fast lane. You’re a runner. The roadways are your second home, and nothing beats waking up on a clear morning and hitting the pavement. You need the right gear to stay at your best, though. Supportive shoes, reflective clothes, and sunglasses that don’t bounce around or break when you accidentally drop them (because you will). These Fast Lanes Sport feature embedded rubber nose pads for superior grip, clear grey frames, UV400 protection, and FDA approved impact resistant green moonshine lenses. If you need a pair of affordable and stylish sunglasses that are perfect for your next run (or any other outdoor adventure), our Sport Collection will help you go that extra mile.

Some For Those Who Want to Still Hit The Slopes.

Snow people. You know who you are. You will have your time. I am sure the winter will still be kicking by the time you see this article. Have a look at the following so you can protect your peepers from the harsh sun and reflective snow

Let’s take a moment to remember the floppy disk, that essential-turned-forgotten relic that was once iconic. Our floppy disk Slingshots snow goggles honor the humble storage devices, but wrap their memory in an attractive modern design fit for the slopes. You’ll find a red and blue pattern, muddled like bytes of data, on the adjustable strap that complements crisp blue anti-fog cylindrical lenses. We gave these goggles our stamp of approval with a blue and white K logo on the strap.

Sometimes all you need in a good pair of snow goggles is simplicity and dependability. You’ll get both from our black smoke Flybys, with just a hint of sleek style added for good measure. The spherical black smoke lenses are coated with anti-fog and anti-glare protection and will also shield your eyes from UV rays. Meanwhile, the black strap is adjustable, backed with 3 rows of silicone to prevent slip, and features a white-as-snow “K” logo.

Last But Not Least, Just Some Cool Ones

At last, some that are just for those who want to be the trend setters. We have found some interesting looking ones and are not scared to share with you the brave ones out there.

Jazz up your morning run with a pair of Second Set Torrey Pines Sport sunglasses. These psychedelic, neon rainbow pattern sport frames feature pink sunset polarized lenses and blue rubberized nose pads that stop the shades from slipping, sliding, and bouncing. They’re perfect for all types of athletes, from the dedicated runner to the casual pick-up game player. All Knockaround frames are built to last, with FDA-approved impact-resistant polarized lenses and UV400 protection.

Access all things dark and mysterious with our Dark Matter Premiums sunglasses! Solid black frames with grey speckling bring you to fanciful far-out worlds, while impact-resistant smoke lenses offer stellar polarized UV400 protection for a fantastical and durable experience at any locale. Store your polarized sunglasses in our included protective pouch when you’re back from your jaunt among the stars so they’re ready for the next wondrous voyage.

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