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It is starting to get colder and colder outside for most of us. Which means in the near future your feet and body are going to start to get a bit cold. What do you do? What do you DO!?

You get yourself some nice warm boots and jackets to stay toasty in the upcoming winter season. That’s what you do.  Just imagine it, the daylight is getting shorter, the night rears its ugly head but you aren’t afraid, oh no you aren’t. Why? Because your feet and body are warm…or something like that.

Good thing we here at IKWT have done the legwork for you and found a few different types of boots and jackets for you and yours to stay warm with.

Some Boots

We find ourselves starting off with what we understand is the most important part about keeping warm…the tootsies. Get yourself started out with our friends at Coldwater Creek. Not only do they have a beautiful selection of Boots and Jackets they do open the doors for a lot of other fall, summer and spring attire.

Some Jackets

Obviously the next steps is to get yourself warm with some upper body armor. Jackets are what is next. We have put together some nice options for you and yours from, again, our friends at Coldwater Creek, US POLO and Aeropostale. All these guys have you covered for the upcoming fall with some nice light wear and some big puffy jackets for those upcoming snowy freezing below -10 weather as well. Try not to sleep on these guys right now. Last thing you want is to be caught in the winter without some warm attire.

Some Coldwater Jackets

A Couple More Jackets

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